Does invisible orthodontics give the same result as normal orthodontic treatment?

Yes, this treatment offers excellent results. Currently, it is the option chosen by more professionals and patients. The final result achieved is the same, as long as the professional’s instructions are followed and the aligners are worn for the indicated daily time.

How long does treatment with invisible orthodontics last?

The treatment time with invisible orthodontics can sometimes be somewhat longer than that of traditional orthodontics. This is because the final phase of any orthodontic treatment, called refinement, is somewhat slower with invisible orthodontic systems.

Can it be applied in all cases requiring orthodontics?

As a general rule, yes, this treatment can be used for any problem of dental malposition, such as crowding, excessive separation, overbiting, cross-biting… In other words, it is used for both minor corrections and more complex cases.

Is invisible orthodontics painful?

The objective of orthodontic treatments is to return the teeth to their natural position, so it is normal to feel some slight discomfort or a sensation of pressure during the first days of each phase of the treatment, a pain that disappears immediately. This discomfort can be felt both in traditional orthodontics and in invisible orthodontics, as it is a consequence of the movement of the teeth.

Are the results of invisible orthodontics lasting?

Yes, the results of orthodontic treatment can be definitive, although it will be the orthodontist who will tell us what other actions we should take so that the treatment is complete and does not revert.

Can aligners be removed whenever required?

Yes, in fact, one of the advantages of this treatment is that the aligners can be removed for eating or, for example, if we have a meeting or important social event. However, we must bear in mind that if we do not wear our aligners for at least 20 hours a day, the treatment will not be effective and will take longer.

Can I speak normally if I wear invisible braces?

In general, aligners do not affect the way you speak at all. There is simply an initial period of adaptation, during which we may feel a sense of strangeness due to the fact that we have a foreign object in our mouth. However, this feeling disappears in a few days, as we get used to the aligners.

Can invisible orthodontics be used on children?

Yes, it is common to correct malpositioning problems during childhood, either with braces or invisible orthodontics. Bear in mind that in the latter, aligners are removable, so we must ensure that the child is responsible and wears them for the minimum number of hours per day indicated. In any case, it must be the professional who indicates the most suitable treatment for each patient.

Does invisible orthodontics need special care?

The two main precautions to be taken with invisible orthodontics are, on the one hand, to wear the aligners for the minimum number of hours per day indicated by our dentist and, on the other hand, to carry out correct oral hygiene after each meal and before replacing the aligners. The professional who carries out the treatment will tell us if any other special care is required.

Can I wear invisible orthodontics if I have a periodontal disease?

Before carrying out any orthodontic treatment it is advisable to have the disease under control. It will be the specialist who will tell us what previous treatment to carry out in the case of periodontal disease, whether it is advisable to have braces and what extra care we should take into account.

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