Periodontal microsurgery is a minimally invasive surgical intervention that usually includes conscious sedation. Microsurgical techniques minimize discomfort, reduce risks and improve both the precision and the results of the intervention. Patients can return to their normal lives immediately after the intervention, with excellent results.

This type of oral surgery can have two purposes. It can be performed for health reasons or for dental aesthetics. Periodontal microsurgery is a treatment used in certain cases of periodontitis.

In all cases, periodontal microsurgery aims to recover the patient's bone tissue or gum tissue.


If necessary, bone regeneration techniques can be applied to recover part of the lost bone, in order to achieve a correct dental support.

In our periodontal bone regeneration treatments we use bioconductor materials with growth factors that allow us to regenerate the bone with a satisfactory result, taking into account the anatomical conditions of the patient.