Endodontics encompasses those interventions that are performed to try to preserve a tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. It consists of the removal of the pulp tissue ("nerve"), which is inside the dental roots, to maintain the tooth and its masticatory function.

After the endodontic treatment, the reconstruction of the tooth will be necessary for it to recover its function completely. In our clinic, whenever possible, we will advise the conservation of your tooth as opposed to other more aggressive techniques, since it must be taken into account that no form of substitution, including implants, can compete with a natural tooth in terms of aesthetics or proprioception.


When a microscopic endodontics is performed, the tooth root canals are accessed with specific instruments and the diseased tissues are removed from the interior, disinfecting them.

Once the root canals are disinfected, they are sealed with a material designed for that purpose. In this way, the tooth is prevented from being colonized by bacteria and causing an infection. The difficulty of this type of treatment implies, in most cases, the need to perform it with the help of a magnifying instrument for vision.