It is a dental services card that is paid only once a year and gives the user and their entire family the right to all free dental consultations, as well as free quotes, a free dental cleaning for each family member and other advantages.

The advantages are:

• Ten percent (10%) discount in general dentistry and surgeries
• One free dental cleaning per year for each member of the group, up to 4 people
• First free consultations with specialists in Implantology, Orthodontics, Dental Cosmetics, Endodontics, TMJ, etc.
• Free removable prosthesis cleaning.
• Free transport between home and clinic for people over 70 years old or in case of disability or emergency.

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What do you get by bringing a friend?
Here are the gifts you can get based on the recommended friends you bring to the dental office.
1st Friend - 20€ discount on ANY TREATMENT
2nd Friend - 30€ discount on ANY TREATMENT
3rd Friend - 50€ discount on ANY TREATMENT

What do you have to do?
Send the PDF to your recommended friend. When your friend presents the printed promotion at the clinic, you will receive a letter of thanks with the corresponding promotion.

What does your friend get?
An immediate discount of 20€ on any treatment.

What does your friend have to do?
Present the document at the clinic and tell who gave it to him/her. Enjoy the discount on the treatment you want.


In the Giving Health plan you pay in advance for the treatment and we will give you an immediate 10% discount on the treatment fee for your beneficiary.

Gifts can be: Dental cleaning, dental whitening, voucher for any other dental treatment.
Ask for it at the reception, we will give you a personalized gift card.