Dental implants are small pieces of pure titanium in the form of screws that are inserted into the upper or lower jawbone that will serve as the root of the new teeth.

Titanium implants are integrated in a biocompatible way with the bone and gum (osseointegration), giving a totally natural look and functionality.

Under normal conditions, once the implants have been placed, it is necessary to wait for some time before placing the definitive tooth, approximately 3 months, as this must be integrated into the bone. During this period, the patient will use a removable prosthesis. When the implant has been osseointegrated, the definitive prosthesis will be placed.


Immediate load implants are those that will be placed on the same day of the surgery of the dental extraction and over them, a provisional prosthesis will be placed. In order to evaluate an immediate load implant treatment, an individualized study of the patient will be required, consisting of an oral exploration, an X-ray or OPG and, if necessary, a CT scan. By means of all these tests it will be possible to make a correct diagnosis and plan this treatment correctly.

This technique consists of placing the dental implants and a fixed provisional prosthesis in less than 24 hours. When the implants have been osseointegrated, they are replaced by the definitive fixed teeth. It is important to know that the fixed teeth of immediate load although they present excellent aesthetic and functional features as the definitive teeth, these are only used while the osseointegration of the implants is taking place as they will later be replaced by the definitive metal-ceramic or zirconium-ceramic fixed prostheses.


Post-extraction dental implants are those that are placed immediately after a tooth is extracted. This technique is perfect because it allows us to take advantage of the extraction to better integrate the implant into that space.

With traditional implants we have to wait for osseointegration to occur and for the area of the extracted teeth to heal in order to place the implants (a process that usually takes 2 to 5 months), with post-extraction dental implants we do not wait.


We guarantee our implants for up to 30 years. If you take care of your dental implants, they will be with you for the rest of your life.

An implant treatment does not end with the placement of the implants: afterwards, it is necessary to establish maintenance and control routines to preserve them perfectly. This is the only way you will be able to see the good results of your dental implants over time.

For all these reasons, we recommend that you don't forget to come and see us at least once a year to check the state of your mouth.