It is an anesthetic technique in which the combination of one or several medications that cause a slight depression of the central nervous system is administered to patients who need it.

You will be calm, not asleep, and will be able to respond to your doctor. You will be monitored at all times and under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Through conscious sedation, the anxiety or fear generated by the visit to the dentist is eliminated. In addition, the patient enters a state of relaxation and drowsiness, but without losing the ability to respond to the orders of the dentist, since it is not a general anesthesia.

It is indicated for people who are afraid or phobic of dental procedures, for people who are anxious, or for anyone who wants an extra degree of comfort during their visit to the dentist. It is also indicated for long term treatments in a single session of several hours, since they can be performed with an excellent tolerance by the patient.

Once the session is over, the effects produced by the sedation are quickly eliminated.