This hypothesis was first discussed in 2010, but a study in the scientific journal Science Advances reinforces the theory that Alzheimer’s may be caused by gum disease. The pathogen that causes gingivitis was found in Alzheimer’s patients, 96% of whom had ‘Porphyromonas gingivalis’ in their brains. The bacterium moves to the brain and excretes a harmful enzyme that leads to the destruction of neurons. Hence, the memory loss and degeneration characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Gingipain
What are All-on-4 techniques? The term All-on-4 refers to the fact that “all” (all) teeth are supported “on four” (on four) or six dental implants. The four or six implants support a fixed prosthesis of 10 to 14 teeth, which is placed immediately, usually within 24 hours of the procedure. When is the All-on-4 technique used? This technique is NOT indicated for all patients, only for those who do not have bone in the posterior
In general terms, we can speak of fixed and removable orthodontics, although in both cases braces are used that can be made with different materials and technologies. Fixed orthodontics: This is the most commonly used at present and it uses wires and brackets, the latter being the fixed part that attaches to the teeth and to which the wires are fixed. There are two types of fixed orthodontics: – External brackets: these are placed on
Do you want to change your smile? Having a good smile brings many more benefits than just aesthetics. Being happy with your smile improves your self-esteem, improves your mood and therefore improves your physical and mental health. To do this, a series of procedures must be carried out, such as changing colour, shape, size, among others, in order to achieve that ideal smile. How is the process? In the first appointment, a series of diagnostic
Caries affects 33% of children under five years of age in Spain, 40% of children under 15, 95% of adults over 30 and 100% of the elderly, according to the General Council of Dentists. This is not necessarily because people neglect their mouths, but there are a number of habits such as poor diet, smoking, consumption of sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol and certain conditions of a social nature which cause them to appear. It